Etrac-H Club members play vital role in locating evidence for the police.

Well look here, all smiles is Steve Lowery. Steve traveled to Virginia to take part in a competition hunt and look at what he won. A brand new Tesoro Silver Sabre metal detector. Way to go Steve the club is proud of you.

Here is a picture of some of the trash the club removed from Steele Creek Park in June

Here are just a few pictures from our June hunt at Steele Creek Park.

Nick Haas, club member from South Mississippi found this Infantry officer's coat button while hunting a park in Laurel.

Then Nick turns around and sends us these pictures of a modern coin cache he located in Mason park. Nick wrote:

16 quarters
29 dimes
16 nickels
1 wheat penny
114 memorials
176 total or $8.85 (lot of work for < $10)
There were definitely a couple more, because I had started putting them in my pouch, before I realized it was a cache.
Looks like the youngest coin is a 1976 quarter, so the cache may have been buried around 1976.
Probably some kid that lived across the street burying his change, and forgot about it.

Well all I can say is thats a nice haul out of only one hole Nick.


Look over here-----> A double handful of Gold Nuggets!!! Wow

On the upper left is a sampling of the trash we removed from the ground where we will be holding our huge Fall open hunt in Sept. Get your registration forms in before Sept. 1 to save the late fees.


Look at this folks, Steve strikes again. This time he takes second place in a year long coin contest and won a 8 ounce silver bar. Way to go Steve.